what is it?
AromaFlavor is a healthy and fun way to enhance the enjoyment of many beverages. Check out the benefits.

what is it?
AromaFlavor is a healthy and fun way to enhance the enjoyment of many beverages. Check out the benefits.

aromaflavor has benefits!

Instead of relying on flavor additives that need to be consumed, AromaFlavor provides a whisper of flavor using atomized flavor enticing aroma molecules.
A harmless, innovative and flavor-stimulating aroma.

a healthy alternative

This makes AromaFlavor beverages a healthy alternative to flavor-added beverages. Water is essential to our health, and fresh, pure water is better for our health than water with added flavor ingredients. So, if you want healthy clean beverages then AromaFlavor is a great choice.

adds a flavor twist to your favorite cold beverage

It is a fun way to add a new flavor twist to your favorite beverages. AromaFlavor is great for bottled water, it also enhances soda, beer and other beverages with complex aroma notes. Try it on your refillable water bottles and enjoy water from any source.

many more benefits

  • Today’s consumers demand healthy beverages without added ingredients. Pure water is the simplest, most natural beverage that is free of added ingredients.

  • Adding flavor to pure clean water contradicts consumers’ desires and needs and then leads to more processing. Despite being listed as “natural flavor” on the label, no one would ever confuse these additives for a health enhancement.

  • The definition of flavors is quite broad. Some sweeteners may be labeled as flavors, this is helpful to minimize added ingredients on the label. Our aim is not to criticize the flavor industry, they play an important and valuable role in processed foods.
  • Because there are microbial risks when adding ingredients like flavors or essences (basically the same) to water, antimicrobials are typically added to mitigate microbe contamination during processing.

  • Further, flavored water is often acidified to preserve the beverage. The American Dental Association considers many flavored waters to be erosive to tooth enamel and just slightly less damaging than soda pop. Acid free AromaFlavor water is now possible.

  • Our goal is to provide a lightly flavored healthy beverage option with no aftertaste, using AromaFlavor has the effect of infusing fresh fruit in water. Subtle, intriguing and refreshing to the senses.

any Beverage + any aroma = endless possibilities

There are endless possibilities for consumers to create their own AromaFlavor beverage favorites.

The science behind it

empowering the senses

  • While receptors on the tongue identify five basic flavor profiles sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami (savory). Even more flavor notes are identified by the olfactory nerve in the nose. This is especially true of highly aromatic, natural foods.
  • Just think of fresh fruits that look and smell so good you can literally taste them. Remember Pavlov’s dog and classical conditioning. That is because smell can, in fact, trigger the sensation of taste (to varying degrees, depending on a person’s sense of smell).

seeing is believing

  • Suggestive images, like those on the AromaFlavor labels, stimulate the optic nerve to trigger a taste sensation.
  • With AromaFlavor labels, the senses therefore work together to give consumers a whisper of flavor, without any harmful additives.
  • To release the highly potent aroma contained in the AromaFlavor labels, consumers simply remove the protective cover of the label. The aroma can be further intensified by lightly rubbing the image on the label.

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